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your process – our solution

Enthusiasm for process engineering drives us, relentless research distinguishes us, attention to detail makes us unique:

With many years of experience in the planning and implementation of process solutions, we are by your side as a competent partner.

Our team offers know-how from different industries for different problems and disciplines.

The banke technologies are already proven in many plants. We are always developing further. That is why we also offer ready-made overall concepts, tailored to your requirements and with the latest technology!

Are you planning to build a greenfield brewhouse or brownfield with challenging building layout?

We supply complete brewhouses according to your requirements with batch sizes from 3 to 300 Hectoliter.



We offer turnkey process solutions from malt reception to pressure tank cellars.

Our brewing technologies cover all brewery sizes - from small craft breweries to industrial beer production.



With our customized energy management systems, we provide solutions for saving energy up to the complete decarbonization of your brewery. With our concepts, we set a new benchmark for energy consumption - for both new and existing plants.
Join us in this green revolution, and let's work together towards a sustainable future!

An innovative two-vessel brewhouse with up to 6 brews per day, which enables to produce the best wort quality with low energy consumption in the smallest possible footprint.

Highlights are the patented conical lauter tun with 60 minutes lautering time and wort boiling with only 2% evaporation.

Standard systems from 5 to 80 hl of wort per brew.