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From malt to wort

banke brewhouse technology sets industry standards

We began developing our process technology in 2005 with equipment and components for optimizing mashing and wort boiling. Over time we have developed our own tried - and - tested process technology for every stage of the brewing process.

From mashing in to wort chilling

Throughout the entire brewing process, our focus is on quality and efficiency. We place high demands on our technical solutions with regard to sustainability, ease of operation and the reliability of our equipment – every one of our products must be robust enough to ensure a long service life.

banke process technology allows you to save on raw materials and energy, reduce your CO2 footprint and cut production costs.

Given our many years of experience and pioneering work in the fields of hopping, both on the hot and cold sides, and aroma extraction, we offer technology that is able to meet the diverse requirements of these various processes.

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