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Hops and aroma

Technology for producing high quality, aromatic wort


As the most valuable raw material in brewing, hops have a definitive impact on your beers. You can achieve the desired aroma profile with banke hopping technologies – from classic beer styles such as helles, pilsner and Bavarian-style wheat beer, to pale ales and IPAs as well as exotic beers spiced with herbs, such as Belgian wit beer.

Our technologies efficiently deliver excellent bitterness and aroma yields, and of course, a stable hop aroma.

From hop additions to late hopping

Our reliable hop dosing systems, which are also capable of handling large quantities, have already proven their value in over 100 breweries around the world. Our hop dosing unit is also available in glass – guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in the brewhouse. Hop additions are sure to be a memorable experience for visitors to the brewery.

In addition, our systems allow you to explore a completely new range of possibilities, especially with regard to late hopping, due to exceptional solids retention and the bypass design. By extracting the noble aromas between the whirlpool and the wort chiller, the aroma and bitterness can each be accentuated individually.

From whole hops to lemon peel

In addition to conventional hop products such as pellets, whole hops or extracts, many of our techniques are also suitable for the extraction of natural aromas from a diverse range of other sources – from coriander, citrus peels, spices and herbs to fresh fruit and fruit purees.

Our systems are also ideal for the production of kombucha and tea-based beverages!

The banke sugar dissolving system is suitable for dosing other kinds of solid or liquid ingredients. We are well-versed in working with sugar in all forms, in addition to honey and aroma extracts.

Please reach out to us – we would be happy to help you!


Process optimization

Hop dosing for bitterness and aroma

  • dosing system for pellets and extract
  • equipment for dosing whole hops and freshly harvested “green” hops to produce “wet-hopped beer”
  • design-view hop additions directly through our attractive glass dosing unit
  • flexible integration with the wort kettle and whirlpool
  • milling and dosing systems for the whole hops supplied in “Vakupacks”
  • dissolving and uniform mixing of ingredients, such as honey and fruit purees
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Combined aroma extraction and hop addition


Combined aroma extraction and hop addition

Introducing aroma in the whirlpool: citrus peel and coriander

Combined aroma extraction with universally compatible dosing units


Combined aroma extraction with universally compatible dosing units

Fresh ginger, cinnamon, sugar, fruit puree, etc.