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Process technology

CIP systems

for hygienic production conditions

Our portfolio of CIP technology includes custom solutions for your existing system and its respective applications.

We design, optimize and create the equipment required for closed cleaning circuits, for the cleaning of containers and process components, and we supply the corresponding CIP and SIP systems.

We utilize commercially available stainless steel containers for smaller, low-cost projects.

We also offer troubleshooting services which focus on cleaning issues and the refurbishment of defective heat exchangers.


Key facts

  • product safety through reliable cleaning processes
  • cleaning of piping and containers or vessels
  • thermal and chemical sterilization options
  • customized CIP concepts
  • non-recirculatory and recirculatory “batch” CIP systems
  • solutions for optimizing cleaning media
  • regenerative heating media options also available
  • troubleshooting
  • optimization of existing cleaning processes
  • replacement of defective components
  • various levels of automation

System design and integration

The design and planning are based upon customer requirements and the progression of the cleaning process. The system can include buffer tanks for recovery and storage of water used in cleaning, chemical tanks with dosing devices or special variations. We utilize a range of heat exchangers to heat the systems. Regenerative, low-temperature media is a further option. We adapt and optimize the process control technology according to your cleaning requirements and your budget. The turnkey systems are delivered fully wired and ready for installation.

We modify the geometry and dimensions of tanks to fit the existing premises.

On request, banke offers process automation, such as the fully automatic dosing of cleaning media or the return of the media based upon conductivity measurements. Finally, there is also the option of carrying out multiple cleaning cycles in parallel.


  • fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual options
  • consistent cleaning results which can be validated
  • customized design: variable dimensions, number and geometry of the tanks
  • systems available mounted on a skid or in a free-standing configuration
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Stainless steel container as a solution for low space requirements

Possibilities for automation can be cost effective on side - automation or up to integration into existing automation systems.


Brewery Ottakring - Vienna, Austria

Installation of a modular brewhouse CIP system.

Brewery Ottakring - Vienna, Austria

Installation of a CIP system with tanks for acid, caustic and water.

Degree of automation

Along with our operator-friendly manual systems, banke CIP systems are also available with different automation platforms. Options range from our inexpensive proprietary process control technology to integration into existing process control systems. We utilize electronic hardware components from Siemens and Allen Bradley/Rockwell in our standard systems. If desired, components from other manufacturers can be requested.

The measurement and process control technology is pre-installed on our skid units and wired to the control cabinet, ready for installation.

Media for cleaning and sterilization

In order to achieve the required hygiene standards for process safety, suitable cleaning media for use with CIP systems are selected according to our client’s experience or to manufacturer recommendations. We are well-versed in the requirements for different branches of the industry – ranging from simple cleaning to sterile production conditions.

We offer SIP system technology based upon cold chemical sterilization or thermal sterilization methods using steam and the appropriate monitoring applications to ensure sterile processing conditions.

Brewhouse cleaning in place CIP brewing technology


We would be glad to assist you with any questions. Please contact us for an individualized quote!