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Acceptance of the Nano Flavor® dealcoholization system at Jopen Brewery in Haarlem

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Christine Mack


Tel.+49 8084 50370-20

After the system was already picked up from us in Taufkirchen/Vils by the Jopen brewery in February 2023, Herbert Stock and Korbinian von Terzi were now able to see for themselves on site the final installation and the outstanding quality of the alcohol-free Jopen beers.

The brewery is very pleased with the many product variants that our Nano Flavor® makes possible for them. And so are we! Our tip: Be sure to try the alcohol-free beers! We are thrilled!

We thank the team at Jopen for their confidence in our technology and good luck with the new varieties.


Have we also aroused your interest in our dealcoholization? Then please contact us.