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Dry hopping

Our systems make dry hopping efficient


Heavily hopped beer styles, such as IPA, pale ales or New England IPA, have become increasingly popular around the world. This trend is also fueled by the countless new hop varieties featuring a very broad spectrum of aromas.

Dry hopping is key to successfully producing these kinds of beers.

We can help you develop and implement your dry hopping process in a reliable, efficient and operator-friendly manner – with our technology tailored to your specific needs.

System technology customized to your specifications

banke is THE pioneer when it comes to efficient dry hopping – our many years of experience have made us specialists in this field and thus we are able to optimize every step of the process – right down to the last detail. Our expansive product portfolio covers everything from hop dosing to the retention of hop particles. Therefore, our dry hopping process can be carried out with minimal beer losses.

Furthermore, our latest product, the LoopulEX process, is based upon a completely new concept that sets new standards in efficiency for an external extraction process, reducing beer losses to an absolute minimum.

banke systems are operator-friendly and deliver the highest possible extraction rates and reproducibility, regardless of whether you want to dry hop your beer with only a few kilograms of hops or several tons per batch.

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