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Process technology

The banke dry yeast and universal dosing system


Whether it be dry or liquid yeast or even bacteria cultures:

With the banke dry yeast dosing system, cultures of microbes can be dosed hygienically with minimal exposure to oxygen.

The cultures are conveniently added at a central dosing point – it is no longer necessary to transfer them to the tank externally.

The dry yeast dosing system universal dosing unit can be easily retrofitted.


Key facts

  • universal dosing of powdered and liquid ingredients
  • dry yeast, liquid yeast, bacteria cultures
  • dosing under low-oxygen conditions
  • central dosing point into the cold wort line
  • rapid dispersal due to turbulent flow
  • operations can be fully automated
  • high degree of microbiological safety
  • operator-friendly and safe – it is no longer necessary to place the cultures in the tank
  • cleaning is performed by inline CIP
  • hygienic design

Function and process reliability

The material to be dosed is safely and hygienically transferred into the dosing container under a sterile air atmosphere with a stream of CO2 flowing in the opposite direction.

A turbulent vortex flow pattern ensures that the material being dosed into the line is rapidly and homogenously dispersed in the stream of cold wort – suitable for both dry and liquid cultures.

The cultures are homogenously and hygienically transferred to the wort with a high level of microbiological safety and with low exposure to oxygen.

Thanks to the central dosing point in the cold wort line, the unit can be utilized for the entire cellar.

Operations with the dry yeast dosing system can be fully automated.

Dry yeast brewery stainless steel food process bio ethanol spices
Dry yeast brewery stainless steel food process bio ethanol spices

Operation and cleaning

The well thought-out design enables hygienically safe and user-friendly operation. Inline CIP cleaning and sterilization takes place in the cold wort line.

With the dry yeast dosing system, a central dosing point can be created for the entire cellar.

This is particularly helpful for outdoor tanks or tanks which are difficult to access.


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