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Contract development

Turning an idea into a marketable product

oursourcing research and development

Would you like to bring a new product to market as an equipment manufacturer or engineering firm? But you lack the resources and long-term planning reliability? We can bring your ideas to fruition until they are ready for large-scale manufacturing – while controlling costs, meeting deadlines and ensuring functionality.

The company banke has been working actively in the field of research and development for years – not only in designing our own products but in also doing so for our partners in equipment manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Our developers, consultants and designers serve as a source for ideas and also cover all phases of successful product development.

Our approach

Initiating a project

To protect your idea, we begin the first meeting to discuss the project by signing a non-disclosure agreement. Based upon the requirements of your specifications and the target costs, we will conduct a basic feasibility study. Depending upon the task, we make a detailed outline of your targets in a specification sheet and work with you to develop a project plan with milestones.

Regular consultation and reviews

“Milestone reviews” are conducted to evaluate the progress of a project, its costs and deadlines. This allows you to retain control of design, function, deadlines and calculations in progressing towards the finished product.

Reliability through laboratory tests

Depending upon what phase of development your idea is in, we will support you with trials and testing in our technical center and, if necessary, determine if there are any missing data regarding the material or the process. If a more extensive foundation is needed, we will also organize and supervise the relevant student research and thesis work, given that we can draw upon the resources of colleges and universities, if necessary.

From prototype to serial production

We will accompany you on your journey – from the creation of the first prototype until your idea is ready for large-scale manufacturing. We will also optimize production costs internally or externally. When the product is ready to be launched commercially, we can also draft all of the necessary technical documentation for you, such as operations manuals and maintenance instructions, risk assessment, CE documentation and pressure equipment calculations. If desired, we are also able to develop different-sized products to cover a wider range of market requirements.

Protection for your idea

We would also be happy to advise you on product and brand protection. We have decades of experience in the field of intellectual property and trademark rights as well as in strategic procedures – so that your ideas remain uniquely your own!


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