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banke Engineering


Would you like to expand your production capacity but are faced with the decision of whether to modernize an existing facility or construct a new one?

Do you want to significantly increase your growth and need a master plan to achieve these production objectives?

From the very start, our engineering team can provide a precise calculation of the budget with a high degree of reliability, especially for more complex processes.

We would be happy to provide you with the support you need at individual stages of a project or throughout the entire process – from planning to commissioning.

Typical planning phases of a project include the following:

Technical concept (basic engineering)

We perform a feasibility study for your project with an initial budget estimate.

Detailed planning (detailed engineering)

In the next phase, we create detailed, technical documents for your project. In addition to the required performance data and specifications for the equipment and components, we also create a budget and an initial schedule.

Project planning (tender phase)

banke draws up specifications and prepares requests for offers in order to obtain bids from third parties. We compare and evaluate them for you and assist you in negotiations with these companies.

Project management

The banke engineering team provides you with guidance and support through every phase of the project, through to commissioning. We supervise and coordinate deadlines, points of contact and technical details – this also applies to each manufacturing sector and company involved. During commissioning, we will check their compliance with the guaranteed performance parameters. Our focus is on quality and execution!

With our many years of experience, we can also help you develop a plan for total productive maintenance (TPM).


„We are only satisfied when you are.“

Friedrich Banke
Managing Director
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Project planning

our solutions are created in direct collaboration with you!


we focus on user friendly operations and quality in project development and execution!


as the “first operator”, we focus on optimizing the procedures on site and ensuring that operations are both sound and practicable during production.