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Process development

New production processes

from laboratory result to operational scale

Have you developed a new product on a laboratory scale and in doing so have developed new techniques? Would you like to scale up and automate manual processes performed on a pilot system to a large industrial operation?

In cases such as these, our engineering team can provide valuable assistance with process development. Our target group consists of manufacturing companies from the brewing and beverage industry, dairy and (liquid) food or bioethanol and biotechnology sectors.

Our approach

We break down your process conceptually into smaller sub-processes or “unit operations”. This approach enables us to thoroughly understand new processes and scale them up. The material properties of new products, such as their viscosity, behavior during extraction, mass transfer coefficients or particle size distributions, are needed for calculations but may often not be available. We determine these properties in our own technical center or with the aid of contacts in our network of universities and institutes.

Our approach to such projects is grounded in our extensive knowledge of equipment manufacturing and mechanical engineering, hygienic design, control and automation technology as well as project management. These analytical and process data allow us to generate multi-disciplinary, reliable and economically feasible process solutions.

„We do not derive our motivation solely from satisfying our customers, but we also seek to inspire them with innovative solutions.“

Friedrich Banke
Managing Director
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Extraction process for whole hops

a fully automatic system for quantities of up to 200 kg of hops was developed on the basis of a manual extraction process for only a few kilograms of whole hops. The spent hops are also discharged automatically. The whole hops were mixed on a small scale using a hand paddle. On a large scale, this was recreated with a special type of agitator – for rapid, dynamic extraction of the aroma substances.

Milling hops - Vakupacks

a hop mill was developed and automated to save on labor, which not only simplified hop dosing but also increased workplace safety.

Biotechnology project

on a laboratory scale (10 liters), with process specifications for the production of genetically modified microorganisms, we have planned, implemented and successfully commissioned a fully automated production facility with a production volume of 100 m³. The specific material data were determined beforehand for the dimensions and design of the hydraulic and thermal systems. Extraordinary demands were placed on sterility and to ensure the overall leakproof nature of the system.