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Process optimization

Process optimization

small budget - big impact

Significant improvements to the production process in existing plants can often be carried out on a small budget. You will receive an ROI calculation from us which is determined by taking the level of optimization and expected savings into account. This will serve as a basis for making decisions about taking any of the practical measures we have proposed.

In addition to optimization, we can offer you more extensive solutions for modernizing your production processes. These are intended to make your technology viable well into the future. To do this, we take your long-term plans into consideration, in order to implement solutions that will sustain your business over the long term.

How is optimization implemented?

Our approach

We collect information by visiting your production facility. There, we consider in detail where improvements can be made. Then, we determine the relevant steps necessary to achieve these objectives:

  • How are the raw materials utilized and can improvements to these processes be made?
  • How are these processes designed and where would improvements have the greatest impact on your production?
  • How reliably do your systems operate? Can modifications bring about an increase in the quality and/or productivity of your facility?
  • What are your financial objectives and where can adjustments be made in order to achieve them?



What can be achieved?

  • higher yields through increased process efficiency
  • reductions in product losses
  • improvements in product quality
  • reductions in energy and wastewater costs
  • increased production capacities (process times and batch sizes)
  • integration of new processes, such as late hopping and dry hopping
  • the recommissioning of decommissioned systems to modern technical standards
  • automation of manual operations
  • improvement of operators’ working conditions

„An enthusiasm for beer is the impetus that drives us to develop innovative solutions.“

Friedrich Banke
Managing Director

Optimization – with banke as a partner

Everything from a single source

We will work together to seamlessly implement the consulting concepts we have developed for you. In addition to our engineering and planning services, we work to improve and optimize your product straight through to installation and commissioning. We also set up a service and maintenance schedule.

We want to help you – our focus is on improving your system. We are flexible with regard to implementing and executing your ideas. We would also be glad to trust the work of installation to a reliable, local company who is familiar with your company’s operations. We can also provide training to these regional companies concerning our technologies, so that quick and competent service is guaranteed on site. With our concept of collaborating with you as well as with trusted local companies, we can facilitate efficient, sustainable and rapid implementation of your projects.