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Process technology

Wortifier X

the banke external calandria

The Wortifier X, also known as the Smartboil EX, operates according to the same tried-and-true technological principle as the banke internal calandria for boiling wort. In addition, the Wortifier X external calandria enables the use of alternative energy systems, such as heating with regenerative low-temperature technology.

The Wortifier X offers a wide range of flexibility in terms of both the temperatures used to heat the vessels and the individual batch sizes.


Key facts

  • energy-efficient elimination of DMS
  • improved beer foam characteristics and stability against aging
  • low TBN
  • flexible batch sizes
  • low energy consumption – both thermal and electrical
  • evaporation rate < 4%
  • suitable for low-temperature operations and vapor compression
  • 50 batches of wort can be produced between CIP intervals
  • easily retrofittable
  • combined mash and wort heating possible

Heating the wort

The wort flowing through the external calandria is driven by a pump, thus allowing the wort to be heated in a defined, gentle manner. To achieve this, the wort is pulled out of the kettle, pumped through the external calandria and returned to the wort kettle over the wort deflector plate. The wort is pumped at atmospheric pressure, i.e., under very gentle conditions until the temperature reaches boiling.

The thermal stress in the heat exchanger is maintained at a very low level because the difference between the temperature of the heat transfer medium and that of the wort remains constant as the wort is propelled through the calandria. This is noticeable in the final product, which exhibits stable beer foam, low TBN values and only a slight increase in color.

Brewhouse brewing technology wort boiling
Brewhouse brewing technology wort boiling


As boiling commences, the hot wort is pumped into the central vertical pipe at the bottom of the vessel. As a result of the Venturi effect, the wort flowing up through the pipe pulls more wort from the kettle along with it. In doing so, 30 to 50 times the volume of the kettle is circulated through the calandria every hour. This ensures uniform heating of the wort as well as a high evaporative efficiency, which means an even further reduction in primary energy consumption.

And all of this without compromising the wort quality!

Extended operations

Over 50 batches of wort can be produced between CIP intervals thanks to the specially designed and optimized tube bundel. Downtimes in the brewhouse are thus minimized.

Custom built design

The WortifierEX is designed according to your specifications. The tube can be installed horizontally or, to save space, vertically, depending upon the area available for placement of the equipment.

Do you brew with whole hops? This can also be taken into consideration in the design, as can operations with a vapor compressor or in the combined application of using the calandria for heating both mash and wort.

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