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Process technology

Flavorit Cone

late brewhouse hopping with whole hops

Particularly fine and balanced aromas can be extracted through late hopping with whole hops – even for classic beer styles.

The hop cones can be opened gently and effectively using the special agitator in the Flavorit Cone, allowing access to the lupulin glands located at the base of the cones, which are extracted rapidly and systematically. The aromas are thus obtained largely independently of any isomerization. The extraction of less noble bitter compounds from the hops is also greatly diminished.

These are the reasons the banke Flavorit Cone is so unique!


Key facts

  • targeted extraction of the lupulin glands
  • increases in bitterness can be controlled
  • complete, effective extraction in just 20 minutes – “dry nests” do not form in the hops
  • a completely automated process, including CIP cleaning and spent hop discharge
  • flexibility: can be used for whole hops, herbs and flower petals
  • up to 200 kg of whole hops
  • reduces the load on the whirlpool
  • installation between the whirlpool and wort chiller or for use with the wort kettle


The flow through the layer of whole hops is ideal for extraction. At the same time, an integrated sieve retains the hop bracts and other solid material. An agitator specially optimized for whole hops gently opens the cones as they flow through, thereby enhancing the hop aroma.

The Flavorit Cone is filled in an operator-friendly manner via the manway. Automated filling is possible for larger quantities or rapid brewing sequences.

After late hopping, the spent whole hops are discharged through a gate valve into a mobile collection vessel, or this can be done completely automatically using a discharge pump, which removes them to the spent grain silo.

The Flavorit Cone can be integrated into any existing brewhouse CIP system.

Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping whole hops whirlpool
Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping whole hops whirlpool

Flexible integration

The Flavorit Cone is integrated for the purpose of late brewhouse hopping between the whirlpool and the wort chiller. Given the highly effective retention of the hop solids, extraction of the aroma can be carried out downstream from the whirlpool. Immediately after extraction in the Flavorit Cone, the wort is chilled, thus avoiding losses of the volatile aroma compounds due to evaporation.

Only a short contact time is required for this extraction. This prevents any intense, lingering and unpleasant bitterness in the finished beer. The effect can be further increased by installing the Flavorit Cone directly upstream from the wort pre-cooling device.

The Flavorit Cone can, of course, also be used to add hops to the wort kettle. Retrofitting this device is possible in any brewhouse.

Efficient extraction

The optimized flow control of the Flavorit Cone guarantees homogeneous and complete extraction without dead zones or “dry nests” of hops forming. A special agitator has been designed to ensure that the whole hops are thoroughly mixed.

The hop cones are opened gently yet rapidly, effectively exposing the lupulin glands at the base of the bracts. This allows for particularly efficient extraction, even with large quantities of whole hops.

The results speak for themselves: the amount of hops can be reduced by up to 30 %!

Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping whole hops whirlpool

Reducing the load on the whirlpool

Removing late brewhouse hopping from the whirlpool and relocating it in the Flavorit Cone brings with it a number of advantages:

Eliminating whole hops from the process of hot break separation significantly reduces wort losses.

The lower solids load in the whirlpool also makes discharging the hot break material and cleaning significantly easier.

Lemon peel, flowers, tea, etc.

From herbs to tea, kombucha to citrus peels and flower petals, exquisite aromas can be extracted with the Flavorit Cone.

Let us advise you. We can customize our system to fit your individual needs!

Disposal and cleaning

An optional discharge pump removes the spent hops reliably and completely automatically.

The Flavorit Cone can also be integrated into an existing brewhouse CIP cycle without difficulty.

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