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Process technology

Flavorit Pellet

Late hopping with hop pellets

Pleasant, well-balanced hop aromas can be obtained through late hopping – even in classic beer styles.

The banke Flavorit Pellet is an ideal addition to any brewhouse to complement classic hot side hopping as well as hopping on the cold side.

The Flavorit Pellet is integrated into a bypass between the whirlpool and the wort chiller. This reduces the load on the whirlpool and also prevents more wort losses in spent hops.

In this closed system, valuable hop aromas are not lost to evaporation. The turbulent flow inside of the Flavorit Pellet ensures efficient and reproducible extraction of the volatile hop oils.

The sieve basket integrated into the Flavorit Pellet reliably retains the solids so that they do not enter the wort chiller.


Key facts

  • well-balanced “hot hop aroma”
  • enhanced drinkability
  • efficient aroma extraction
  • no evaporation losses
  • installation between the whirlpool and wort chiller
  • retention of wort solids lowers the load on the whirlpool
  • full automation is possible
  • 10 to 200 kg of pellets
  • inline cleaning
  • can be easily retrofitted
  • aroma extraction is separate from whirlpool operations


The extraction of the aromas in the Flavorit Pellet takes place in the wort on its way to the wort chiller. A portion of the wort is diverted to pass through the Flavorit Pellet before continuing on to the chiller. This can occur at any point between the whirlpool rest and the end of the wort chilling process.

Pre-cooling a portion of the wort stream is also possible. This allows the aroma profile to be designed flexibly and independent of whirlpool operations. The isomerization of alpha acids, i.e., the increase in bitterness, can be individually controlled to fit the beer style.

The suspension consisting of wort and hops is circulated through the Flavorit Pellet, making the extraction of the aromas particularly efficient and reproducible, even with large quantities of hops.

The result: the amount of aroma compounds transferred into the wort is significantly higher than with conventional whirlpool hopping.

Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping pellets hops whirlpool
Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping pellets hops whirlpool

Reduced wort losses

Hot break separation is more efficient since fewer hops are added to the whirlpool. The wort losses that normally occur with hop additions in the whirlpool can be greatly reduced with the Flavorit Pellet.

The wort, into which the hop aroma has been transferred, is metered back into the primary stream of the wort and is then immediately chilled. Any solid material from the hops is reliably retained in the Flavorit Pellet. This means that plate heat exchangers for chilling the wort directly downstream are no longer in danger of blockage from the hops added to the Flavorit Pellet.

Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping pellets hops whirlpool

Retention of solids

The sieve retains all of the solid material from the hops as the wort flows through it. This ensures that the plate chiller will not become blocked by hop material.

Brewing technology brewhouse late hopping pellets hops whirlpool


Compared to hop additions in the whirlpool, with a Flavorit Pellet, a very high level of reproducibility is possible with regard to hop aroma. This makes the Flavorit Pellet an indispensable part of producing beers to a consistently high standard, both in terms of aroma and quality.


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