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Process technology

Flavorit Spice

efficient extraction with solids retention

In addition to the traditional ingredients of water, hops, malt and yeast, other ingredients are increasingly finding their way into beer: natural ingredients such as spices, herbs or fruit are being used in breweries to produce specialty beers.

Whether it is extracting the peel of various citrus fruits, flaked coconut, different types of tea or fresh ginger, to name just a few, our devices are compatible with all of them and facilitate effective aroma extraction from the ingredients of your choice. Whatever the ingredient, you will benefit from banke's many years of expertise in the field of aroma extraction.


Key facts

  • effective extraction
  • retention of solids
  • reproducible aromas
  • variable extraction parameters
  • operator-friendly operation
  • development and optimization of suitable extraction processes on our pilot system
  • personalized consulting
  • universally compatible technology
  • CIP-compatible

Customized extraction systems

The timing, duration of the extraction, temperature and quantity as well as the type and form of the ingredients are just as diverse as the banke aroma extraction systems themselves. Our portfolio of options for aroma extraction ranges from systems for dosing hops to those optimized for handling herbs and spices – some feature a glass design with a central filtration module, while others carry out multiple functions and are equipped with a tippable container.

In our own laboratory, we have the capability to carry out extraction and filtration trials, which enables us to determine all of the necessary process parameters on an individual basis. Drawing on these results and our experience, we can determine which aroma extraction system is optimal for you – and tailor it to your requirements.

banke Brewhouse spice extraction aroma cinnamon ginger brewing technology
banke Brewhouse spice extraction aroma brewing technology

Customized aroma extraction

A tailored approach to extraction requires consideration of the properties and the quantity of the individual ingredients from which the aroma will be extracted. Our solutions cover a broad spectrum – from simple sieving devices for adding hops to complex systems for more sophisticated extraction processes, e.g., for adding gel-forming products or for working with large quantities of ingredients. Naturally, the contact time and other parameters can be modified individually to obtain the desired aroma profile.

Thanks to the turbulent flow conditions present in all our systems, the extraction process is effective and consistently delivers reproducible sensory results.

Furthermore, the discharge of solids from the system can be designed according to your requirements, from manual to completely automatic.

Determining the best process in the laboratory

To assist in selecting the most suitable extraction system for your needs, we first gather all pertinent data in laboratory trials, followed by an in-depth analysis of key filtration metrics, such as sedimentation rates, capacity for absorption or the corresponding wet densities of your ingredients. We then use these data to determine which aroma extraction system is best suited for your application. If desired, we can test the relevant sensory and analytical processes for you as well.

Let us use our expertise to help you find the right process for your individual needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote today!

banke Brewhouse spice extraction aroma brewing technology