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Process technology

Hop dosing system

operator-friendly dosing by banke

Precisely timed hop additions over the course of wort boiling are one of the key features for establishing the aroma of beer.

The compact design of the banke system for dosing hops into the wort allows for remarkably trouble-free operations, thanks to the distinctive closure on the unit. Due to the attractive glass design, the process of adding hops can be experienced visually.

With standard sizes of up to 50 kg per addition, these hop dispensers can also be used for larger batches of wort. Along with hops, these units are also capable of dosing other ingredients, such as sugar or spices.


Key facts

  • precisely timed additions since rinsing of the unit occurs quickly
  • the distinctive design prevents oxidation of the hot wort
  • for pellets and extract
  • user-friendly operation
  • inline cleaning is possible
  • glass design for up to 20 kg per addition
  • standard sizes up to 50 kg per addition
  • also for use with sugar, spices and much more


Operations are both simple and safe. Since the closure is secured with only one clamping nut, the unit can be filled with hops quickly and easily. The integrated safety circuit guarantees maximum protection for the operator.

The turbulent flow of the wort allows the hop pellets to be flushed out of the units quickly and completely. Hop additions occur reliably and precisely on schedule, even with large amounts of hops. This forms the basis for a reproducible hop aroma.

We have also focused on preventing any undesirable oxygen uptake in the wort. Detrimental hot-side aeration resulting in oxidation of the wort can be avoided through meticulous control and well-devised piping.

Brewhouse Stainless Steel hop dosing brewing technology wort beer
Brewhouse Stainless Steel hop dosing brewing technology wort beer


In addition to the classic version in stainless steel, these units are available in shatterproof borosilicate glass, through which the process of adding hops to the wort can be directly observed.

Easy cleaning

Due to their special flow control, these units can be cleaned rapidly and effectively along with the rest of the wort piping.

Dosage options

In addition to hop pellets, banke hop dosing units are suitable for dosing extract, honey, fruit puree and other viscous media. Sieve inserts are available for the extraction of aromas from spices and herbs.


Brewhouse Stainless Steel hop dosing brewing technology wort beer