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Hop dosing systems


Dosing hops reliably and efficiently

from the brewhouse to the fermentation cellar

Hop pellets, extract and other soluble ingredients are dosed at different points in the brewing process. Our dosing systems can be tailored to meet a range of requirements and can be customized to suit your process.

Our innovative dosing systems are flexible yet can also be adapted to fit your specific needs. They perform a wide variety of functions – from dosing hops in the brewhouse to dry hopping in the fermentation or lager cellar.

The banke systems can process quantities from a scant few to several thousand kilograms of hop pellets – both on the hot and cold sides of production.

The banke dosing systems are characterized by:

  • precise and defined dosing of hops
  • ease of operation
  • hygienic design throughout the entire system
  • minimal oxygen uptake
  • automation level – can be adapted to fit individual conditions

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