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Spent hops separation

Dry hopping with minimal beer losses


Large amounts of beer are entrained in spent hop material and are lost when dry hopping. Beer losses of 30 % or more are not uncommon with dry hopped beers. We manage to reduce beer losses to a minimum through the separation of spent hops using our modular systems.

We have developed two different types of separation technology for doing so:

For smaller production volumes, we recommend our HopSteiner curved screen filter technology as a simple solution for removing spent hops in order to achieve optimal beer quality.

For production on a larger scale, we offer the banke LoopulEX, a complete dry hopping system in which the hops are rapidly extracted and then separated in a highly efficient manner outside of the tank. Beer losses can be reduced by up to 96 % with this system.

Separating the particulate matter from the hops removes it from production operations. These banke systems therefore protect downstream and peripheral brewing equipment by reducing the overall solids load.

Suitable for a brewery of any size: banke technologies can be fully automated and are capable of accommodating tank capacities of more than 5,000 hl and pellet quantities of up to several thousand kilograms.

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