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Hops and aroma extraction

Instruments for magnificent aroma symphonies


Superbly blended aromas are the result of precise, coordinated sequences of hop additions and extraction techniques – from the brewhouse to the lager cellar. The beer, the type of hops or source of the aromas and the timing of the addition places specific demands on process technology and on the entire system concept.

Our many years of experience and pioneering work in process technology enable us to find optimal solutions for you. Our expertise extends to every stage of the brewing process, allowing us to customize the solutions to your requirements and the conditions at your brewery.

Our technological goals are to match the flavors of your products before and after the process has been modified in any way, reduce beer losses and impart stable aromas to your products. Our technologies are applicable to batch production at any capacity – from a few grams to several tons.

Our solutions also range from manual operation to fully automatic systems.

Our operator-friendly systems guarantee an efficient and reproducible process – to preserve the unique nature and quality of your product.

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