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Process technology


Pre-masher for uniform and efficient mixing

The banke Mashinist pre-masher is a tried and tested, high-performance grist hydrator, currently in use in over 200 breweries of various sizes.

Hygienically designed and applicable in any industry where the thorough mixing of solids and liquids is required, the Mashinist has found use in other sectors, such as in bioethanol and food production.

The pre-masher comes in standard sizes capable of throughputs ranging from 250 to 150,000 kg/h. Custom sizes for other throughputs and applications are available upon request.


Key facts

  • mashing in with no dust generation or clumping
  • increased yield – up to 1.5 %
  • more rapid lautering – up to 40 minutes faster
  • lower iodine values, improved filtration
  • reduced energy requirements during mashing – up to 60 %
  • uniform mixing, starting at a grist to liquor ratio of 1.0 : 2.5
  • an attractive, eye-catching addition to the brewhouse

Operating principle

When mashing in, a region of dynamic mixing is created in the pre-masher by directing the flow of grist and water so that a uniform blend of the two produces an utterly homogeneous mash. The Mashinist pre-masher enables the process to be conducted with no dust generation and without clumping, even at the highest of throughputs or when mashing in thick.

Mashing brewhouse agitator stainless steel brewing technology
Mashing brewhouse agitator stainless steel brewing technology

Increase yield and accelerate lautering

By increasing the efficiency of the mashing-in process, the Mashinist increases brewhouse yield, reduces the work of mashing and produces lower iodine values. The dynamic mixing of grist and liquor immediately creates a uniform mash, cutting the energy required for agitation. This protects the husks, significantly reducing the time required for lautering. Depending upon the concentration of the first wort, the time required for lautering can be reduced by five to 20 minutes. For beers brewed to a higher original gravity, time savings of up to 40 minutes are possible.

Mashing brewhouse agitator stainless steel brewing technology

Hygienic glass design

The entire process of mashing in can be observed through the cylindrical sight glass, which also enables monitoring of the grist feed. The fully CIP-compatible hygienic design of the Mashinist also allows it to be easily integrated into the brewhouse CIP system.

Flexible process integration

The compact design with no moving parts facilitates effortless retrofitting for process optimization in existing breweries. The Mashinist is also applicable for mashing in 'from below', in systems designed to reduce oxidation. By mounting it on the pump used for mashing in, several vessels can be serviced by one Mashinist.

We are also able to test new applications for you in our technical center.

Contact us – we would be happy to assist you!

Mashing brewhouse agitator stainless steel brewing technology