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Process technology

the banke wort pre-cooler


Wort quality can be considerably enhanced by pre-cooling the wort upstream from the whirlpool.

The reduction in thermal stress results in a noticeable improvement in flavor stability.

In particular, hop additions in the whirlpool (late brewhouse hopping) benefit from the pre-cooling of the wort. A finer and more balanced hop aroma can be obtained at lower wort temperatures.

The reduced formation of free DMS also positively impacts the finished beer.

The distinctive design of the heat exchanger ensures optimum hot break separation in the whirlpool, even at lower temperatures.





Key facts

  • increased resistance to aging
  • lower TBN values
  • reduced post-boil formation of free DMS
  • a more intense and balanced hop aroma
  • low post-boil isomerization
  • effective cleaning with a dedicated CIP cycle
  • efficient usage of energy recovered during cooling

What is special about the banke wort pre-cooler?

The banke wort pre-cooler is designed as a shell and tube heat exchanger. The piping possesses a large, open cross-sectional area, so that particulate matter even as large as 5 mm can pass through it without obstruction. Moreover, the design allows the heat exchanger to be purged of air and emptied without wort losses. Only minor volumes of mixed phases (beer and liquor) accumulate when purging the piping. This design also improves hot break separation at lower whirlpool temperatures.

With its own integrated CIP circuit, the pre-cooler can be cleaned very effectively and efficiently, ensuring that the high level of heat transfer remains constant.

The banke wort pre-coolers are designed to be extremely resilient: we guarantee a service life of at least 25,000 heat cycles.

Energy-efficient heat transfer

The high level of heat transfer efficiency delivers hot water temperatures just a few degrees below that of the wort temperature at the outlet. In this way, high-quality hot liquor can be generated without negatively affecting the thermal energy storage in the hot water system.

Increased flavor stability

The wort pre-cooler greatly reduces the thermal stress during the whirlpool rest. The effects are discernible in the reduced formation of Strecker aldehydes, which are associated with aging, along with lower TBN values.

The result: excellent flavor stability and enhanced foam quality.

Lower DMS values

At the same time, the formation of the undesirable, volatile compound, free DMS, from its precursor (SMM) is less pronounced during the whirlpool rest. In this way, wort pre-cooling contributes to a reduction in DMS values, which is ultimately highly beneficial for the finished beer.

Finest hop aroma

Keeping evaporation and isomerization to a minimum allows for a balanced, well-rounded hop bouquet to come to the fore in the finished beer. Wort pre-cooling facilitates the production of beers with an intense, stable hop aroma. The finished beer exhibits delicate fruity and floral notes intermingled with a subtle hop bitterness.

Wort pre-cooling positively influences the quality of the finished beer.