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Process technology


raking system - the core technology behind lautering

Lautering is central to brewhouse operations and lays the foundation for wort and beer quality. The lautering process is normally quite time-consuming and thus represents the bottleneck in overall brewhouse capacity.

banke raking technology Opteron is robust and has proven itself pivotal in optimizing the lautering process and thus reducing lauter vessel occupancy time.


Key facts

  • rapid lautering and graining out
  • short lauter vessel occupancy times
  • special raking knives keep washouts from forming in the grain bed
  • robust raking mechanics
  • the highest yield possible through uniform rinsing of the grain bed
  • durable and low maintenance
  • synthetic bearings keep heavy metals from entering the process
  • the shaft seals are leakproof and also do not require maintenance

Knife geometry optimized for the zones of the bed

The design and arrangement of the raking knives has been purposefully adapted to the individual layers and zones of the grain bed. This therefore allows the grain bed to be effectively loosened and uniformly rinsed in order to achieve effective wort extraction.

Brewhouse spent grains lauter tun brewing technology

Efficiency through height adjustment

In adjusting the height of the lauter rake assembly, the knives can be moved to various depths in the bed. In this way, the rate of run-off and the wort quality can be fine-tuned in every phase of the lautering process.

Reliable, low-maintenance and hygienic

The lauter rake assembly is manufactured entirely of materials specially designed for processing foods. The lesser quality materials used in bearings, such as red brass, bronze or similar alloys, which are often employed in conventional raking machines, are not used in the construction of our lautering equipment.

Long life span

banke raking technology guarantees a long service life, due to the robust mechanisms employed throughout the rake assembly. The mechanism of the spent grain plow was developed to be a simple, yet elegant, and reliable solution for spent grain removal. The durable and leakproof seals of the shaft of the lauter rake assembly above the level of the mash also exhibit an impressive feature – an integrated rinsing mechanism.

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