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Process technology

Sugar dissolving system

Operator-friendly, automated system

banke offers a simple and operator-friendly system for dosing and dissolving sugar in batch production.

The banke sugar dissolving system features a design which is similar to that of our hop dosing unit. The sugar dissolves rapidly and easily due to the turbulent flow conditions generated by mixing the sugar with wort or hot water. In addition to sugar in bulk form, liquid sugar, syrup, roasted malt beer/extract, other extracts, honey and fruit purees can also be dosed in a batch-wise manner.

For easier handling of large quantities, we offer auxiliary equipment options, such as product loading stations to assist in the emptying of bagged goods.


Key facts

  • rapid and complete dissolving through turbulent conditions generated by rotational flow
  • flexible application options for solids, syrups and liquids
  • operator-friendly loading of bulk material
  • simple integration into the existing process
  • no moving parts – low maintenance
  • inline cleaning directly in the wort line
  • standard sizes to accommodate up to 800 kg of granulated sugar

A comprehensive solution with bulk material handling

For large quantities, we supply emptying tables for operator-friendly loading of the dissolving tank, which is ideal for emptying bagged goods ergonomically.

We also use vacuum conveyor systems to automatically load the dissolving tank with ingredients from silos and Big Bags. For larger systems, we also plan and deliver the necessary equipment for bulk material handling as well as the appropriate conveyor systems for convenient and rapid loading of the sugar dissolving system.

For use in the brewhouse, dissolving tanks can be easily integrated into the wort line used for hop additions.

A rapid and safe dissolving procedure

Turbulent conditions generated by rotational flow ensures that solids or liquids are dissolved rapidly and completely with no difficulty. Optimized flow control allows the dissolving procedure to be conducted within just a few minutes.

CIP-compatible design

The flow-optimized design enables inline cleaning to be performed rapidly and easily together with the cleaning of the brewhouse or wort lines. The entire sugar dissolving system is able to be integrated into a process control system and can be fully automated.

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