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Our corporate values: Your.Process.­Solution.

What does this mean for you?

We listen attentively to what our customers need. We deliver custom solutions tailored to your requirements and budget.

Our tried and tested process components and engineering expertise are rooted in our own research and development. We have been collaborating closely with colleges, universities and institutes for decades now.

Are you looking for a system solution for a new application or a new product?
We test a diverse range of solutions for our customers in trials conducted at our technical center. We also test and confirm the reliability of specially developed solutions through inspections and acceptance trials at the manufacturer.

Our team

The company banke GmbH was founded in 2006 as BANKE process solutions. Our experienced team consists of engineers, technical experts and product designers from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering as well as brewing and beverage technology. After gathering decades of experience in the brewing and food industry, we know what is important. Working directly with you, we will find the right solution to fit your requirements.

Product history

Did you know that since 2005 our process components have been installed in many breweries around the world?


Successful projects are based on reliable partnerships. Manufacturing equipment and systems requires a well-coordinated, interdisciplinary collaborative effort.

That is why we attach great importance to our established partnerships. Close, continuous collaboration with our suppliers ensures that we remain abreast of the latest developments in all areas and that we handle projects reliably in well-coordinated teams – to deliver the quality guaranteed on the date promised.

Many process solutions benefit from the close exchange of ideas and experiences with raw material suppliers. Numerous research projects are also linked to many years of cooperation with well-known hop suppliers. Feedback from the field is and remains an important element in our quest for ongoing improvement.

Research & Development

Many of our technologies are based upon many years of research, on work that has been carried out in close cooperation with various colleges, universities and institutes. We have opened up new fields by thoroughly researching the fundamental principles within our areas of focus. Complex technologies and processes have been examined, optimized and verified in thesis work and student research projects.

With this knowledge, we are not only able to deliver proven process solutions but are also able to provide reliable technological performance guarantees.

Our process components are continuously undergoing further development through analysis and testing. This is carried out in our own technical center and at local breweries. For more extensive research and analysis, we benefit from our proximity to the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, but we also have very good relationship with the VLB Berlin.

„We deliver reliable and sustainable process technology solutions.“

Friedrich Banke
Managing Director

Corporate philosophy:

ingeniously simple – simply ingenious

Partner network

We rely upon our global network of partners when developing and completing projects. Together, we carry out the equipment manufacturing, installation, electrical assembly and automation.

Local specialists

If desired, we will also collaborate with specialists from regional companies. The advantages are obvious: low transport costs, resource-saving solutions and short response times. Due to meticulous audits and many years of experience, you will still receive “German quality” from banke anywhere in the world.


International partnerships with local companies enable us to maintain short response times to service requests.

Continuous optimization

The partnership-based customer dialogue serves as the basis for the continuous improvement of our technology.