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Process technology

Energy optimization

Exergon Brew®

The use of energy is more topical than ever, especially in manufacturing companies. The need for active resource conservation and sustainable solutions to save energy and associated costs is high. For us, sustainability starts with keeping and reusing the existing equipment. That is why we have developed a system for optimizing thermal energy requirements that can not only be installed in new plants, but can also be integrated into existing brewhouses without major conversion work.

With our Exergon Brew® system, the thermal energy requirement in the brewhouse can be reduced to below 4 kWh/hl. This offers an energy recovery solution tailored to your brewhouse.


Key facts

  • < 4 kWh/hl thermal energy requirement in the brewhouse
  • simple retrofittability
  • quick payback
  • applicable for any energy source (solar, CHP, steam boiler, etc.)
  • applicable for all brew sizes and brew sequences
  • active resource conservation
  • sustainability
  • potential analysis on site

How does Exergon Brew® work?

The core is the recovery of wort cooling energy at the highest possible temperature by fresh brewing water. This energy is stored in a high-temperature energy storage tank and is available for subsequent brews for mashing.

Likewise, a hot water storage tank is of central importance, which is often already in the inventory. From this, a vapor condenser is fed to recover energy from wort boiling and to generate high-temperature water, which in turn is available in the energy storage tank for subsequent brews.

In decoction processes, the partial mash can be heated by means of an external heat exchanger and largely with recovered energy.

In this process, energy is recovered with the best exergy efficiency. Exergy stands for the value of energy: energy at a higher temperature level is more valuable and better usable than the same amount of energy at a lower temperature.

Planning in new brewhouses

In addition to modernizations, we also offer complete plants that can be equipped with the Exergon Brew® system on request. In this way, optimal energy management can be incorporated into the planning right from the start. We will be happy to advise you here, also with regard to possible financial subsidies.

For retrofits and modernizations

The simple concept of the Exergon Brew® is ideal for retrofits and modernization projects. For existing plants, the infrastructure is first analyzed and, on this basis, the most suitable and economical solution is developed - always with a focus on product quality.

Customized solution for your brewery

Brewery-specific - it is your product that you are passionate about producing. Your philosophy, recipes and quality requirements are our focus.

Technical - our solutions are state of the art, efficient and without negative impact on your product quality.

Economical - we keep an eye on your budget and pay attention to lowest total cost with shortest payback time.

Ecological - sustainable solutions in terms of thermal savings and CO2 reduction potential.


We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual offer - contact us!