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Process technology

Sud Sixty Six

Compact brewhouse

Sud Sixty Six uniquely combines decisive advantages in technology, engineering and economy: highest production output with lowest energy and space requirements.

With a lautering time of only 60 minutes, Sud Sixty Six achieves a revolutionary 6 brews per day with only two brew vessels.

The heart of the new concept is a combined mash and lauter tun in which the lautering surface is located in a cone. Combined with the energy-optimized Exergon Brew® system, the lowest possible energy consumption can be achieved.

Sud Sixty Six is available in sizes between 5 and 60 hl of cast wort.


Key Facts

  • 6 brews/day with only two vessels
  • small footprint
  • down to 3.5 kWh/hl thermal energy consumption
  • 109°C/228°F heating media - also alternative energy generators possible
  • highest flexibility in grist load
  • fully automated
  • vessels without heating surfaces
  • decoction possible
  • low in maintenance

Functional Design

The novel conical lautering surface of the combined mash and lauter tun enables the husks and wort to be separated according to the principle of a coffee filter. The conical geometry forms a hollow cone-shaped, loose and highly permeable filter cake. This geometry enables the shortest lautering times with very good yields. Another advantage is the significantly higher flexibility in grist load..

Gentle energy transfer

The Sud Sixty Six compact brewhouse is equipped with special heat exchangers designed for heating media of 109°C or 228°F. This enables gentle and uniform heating of mash and wort.

Infusion and decoction

The use of an external heat exchanger also enables decoction in a two-vessel brewhouse. In this case, the boiling mash is stacked in a process for which a patent is pending.

Energy-optimized solution in the compact brewhouse

The whirlpool kettle of the Sud Sixty Six features a novel external boiling system. Countercurrent flow of wort from the kettle with the wort in the kettle achieves the highest evaporation efficiency with only 2% total evaporation. The combination of low total evaporation and our Exergon Brew® energy optimization system reduces the thermal energy demand of the Sud Sixty Six to as low as 3.5 kWh/hl. A cost-effective energy supply with wood pellet or wood chip heaters is made possible by the low heating medium temperatures and the small power requirement of the Sud Sixty Six.