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Process technology


yeast vitalization by banke

Vital yeast ensures optimal fermentation behavior and a well balanced aroma profile.

The condition of the living yeast cells, also termed vitality, is negatively impacted to a significant degree by contact with dissolved CO2 during yeast storage.

The banke Vitasius lowers the harmful carbon dioxide content in the stored yeast by means of inline degassing. This improves yeast vitality, which in turn, accelerates the onset of fermentation and lowers the quantity of pitching yeast required.

Vitasius thus offers a hygienically safe and fully automatic alternative to the conventional method of CO2 removal by sieving the yeast.


Key facts

  • fermentation commences more rapidly
  • a more significant drop in the pH occurs
  • shorter fermentation processes
  • significantly improved cell vitality
  • lower pitching rates
  • fully automatic operation
  • hygienically secure inline process
  • CIP-compatible
  • attractive design


To boost yeast vitality, sterile air is introduced to the yeast flowing through the Vitasius which directs the stream onto a deflector screen. The increase in surface area lowers the pressure on the yeast, liberating the carbon dioxide, which is then discharged together with the excess sterile air.

The sterile air serves the sole purpose of acting as a carrier gas for stripping the CO2 from the medium containing the yeast cells – no active aeration occurs.

Yeast that is degassed in this way possesses a significantly lower partial pressure of CO2. This increases yeast vitality, thus leading to better fermentation properties.

Brewing technology yeast cellar brewery

Enhanced yeast vitality

Liberating the carbon dioxide has been proven to enhance yeast vitality and ensures rapid, reliable fermentation processes, a strong drop in pH and the highest possible beer quality.

Hygienic process control

The banke Vitasius inline system, with its complete enclosed design and independent process control, reliably provides the necessary hygiene conditions for enhancing yeast vitality.


Cleaning the Vitasius yeast vitalization system can be completely automated by integrating it into the CIP system of the fermentation cellar.

Brewing technology yeast cellar brewery


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